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The Basics of Writing & Giving A Speech

Does it take you too long to write a speech? Do you lack good access to your speakers? Are you frustrated by last-minute rewrites?
A personalized speechwriting tutorial will help you:

  1. Give your next speech a terrific hook
  2. Analyze the demographics of your audience
  3. Find terrific quotes, anecdotes and one-liners
  4. Turn boring statistics into real “grabbers”
  5. Organize your material
  6. Prepare a strong outline
  7. Write for the ear—not the eye
  8. Make your presentation tell a story
  9. Use rhetorical devices (triads, repetition, parallel structure)
  10. Turn a dull delivery into a dynamic delivery
  11. Use (not abuse) humor
  12. Avoid the dreaded “word slides”

Highly recommended!  – St.Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank

With Joan, bad speechwriters become good, good ones become great, and great speechwriters start re-writing.  – Jeff Opperman, ABB

Outstanding!  – Maureen Henry, London Life Insurance Company, Ontario