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See how others have benefited from consulting with Joan Detz.

As a global speech coach, Joan Detz is simply the best. Unlike anyone else, she understands how to train English-as-second-language speakers. She works quickly, yet is supremely sensitive – that’s why SIA has counted on her for years. – Elizabeth M. Lucas, Executive Director & CEO, Soroptimist International, Americas/

Joan Detz is the Emily Post of speech communication. She tells you what’s right, what’s wrong, what works, what doesn’t work. You don’t have to wing it anymore. – James F. Fox, past president, Public Relations Society of America

Joan unearths the science of speechwriting and delivery in a way everyone can understand.  – Gene Rose, former president, National Association of Government Communicators, CEO, At Last Communications

She comes completely prepared to coach others to success – and she definitely succeeded with our team. – Huntsman Polyurethanes

…helpful tips for the novice as well as the experienced presenter.                         – Hans Decker, vice chairman, Siemens Corporation

Hers is the best practical advice available on the subject of public presentations. – Jack Boyd, College of William and Mary

 No one has better advice or more creative ideas than Joan Detz.
A.W. “Bill” Dahlberg, chairman and CEO, Southern Company

In international business, knowing how to speak efficiently and effectively is the key to success. This handy book will help busy executives master this important skill. – Dr. Mitsuru Misawa, president, Industrial Bank of Japan Leasing (USA)

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