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Speechwriter and/or novelist?

I received a question from a freelance speechwriter: 

“Should a freelancer market herself as both, for example, a speechwriter and a novelist at same time? … Or should she keep the commercial ghostwriting and the creative credited writing as separate marketing efforts?”

My recommendation:  When starting out, market your speechwriting and your fiction work separately because you’re selling your writing to very difference markets. 

Consider getting two different business cards so you can target your work more effectively.  And use both sides of each business card to market your freelance writing services.  Don’t let the back of a business card remain blank.  “Blank” doesn’t sell.  Instead, write business card copy that promotes your expertise … lists your awards … notes your professional memberships … cites your credentials … lists your bylines … includes a recommendations from clients … quotes media attention … or notes the year you began your freelance business (“Freelance speechwriting since 1997” for example).  In short, make each business card perform as a marketing tool.