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Back to school means … book reports, book presentations, book talks

Remember: Literacy is more than reading.

Does your local school teach the students how to become literate in every way? Reading and writing, yes, but also speaking?

Public speaking gets left out of many classroom agendas. Too often, it’s “handled” by English classes. But students deserve learning opportunities to speak in all subject areas: math, science, social studies … if it’s important enough to teach, it’s important enough for students to talk about.

On #BackToSchool night, ask how your school helps students build confidence through presentation skills. If students feel nervous about speaking in front of a class (and they do!), it’s our schools’ responsibility to help each child gain confidence as a speaker … and as a young person who has the right to speak up.

YOU MEAN I HAVE TO STAND UP AND SAY SOMETHING? (author Joan Detz, publisher Atheneum)

School Library Journal: “This lighthearted and highly readable book is packed full of practical hints for surmounting that most feared hurdle, the public speech.”