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English as a second language (ESL)

Public speaking: Bridge the English-as-second-language gap

Presenting in English to an audience that uses English as a second language?

Three tips:

  1. Pause more often.
  2. Speak a bit slower.
  3. Using interpreters? Pause even more often so both interpreters and audiences can catch up with your message. And speak even slower. (Your interpreters will appreciate your professionalism, and it will be easier for your audience to get your message.)

Spanish translation of HOW TO WRITE & GIVE A SPEECH (St Martin’s Press). Spanish edition publisher, Alba Editorial of Barcelona Spain. Translator, Elena Bernardo Gil. Author, Joan Detz

Now: two Chinese editions of How To Write & Give A Speech

About two years ago, St Martin’s Press did a contract for the Mainland China edition of How To Write & Give A Speech. That Chinese edition (with simplified characters) has just been published in Mainland China. I don’t have my author’s copy yet, but when I get the book, I’ll post and share the details.

Now: A few weeks ago, St Martin’s Press sold a new Chinese language edition that will be published in Taiwan (with traditional characters). The upcoming Taiwan edition will offer Chinese rights worldwide (excluding Mainland China).

Speechwriting and public speaking are global skills. I’m grateful to the translators who have made – and are still making – How To Write & Give A Speech available in multiple languages.

How to give a presentation in English … when English is your second language

I’m pleased to give public speaking tips to English-as-second-language speakers in this Business Venezuela magazine. (The article appears in both English and Spanish.)

Te invitamos a leer Nuestra Edición Digital N# 360 2018 “TOP 100 COMPANIES” 20 Años presentando el mejor ranking de negocios en Venezuela.

To read my featured piece click here.

Freelance speechwriters: Time to update your website?

Spanish cover Como escibir un discurso

If it’s time to update your website, make sure you cite comments/clients/recommendations from a wide geographical range.

Freelance speechwriting is a global business – if you market it globally.

A freelance speechwriter who attended 5 of my speechwriting seminars has turned a local speechwriting business into a global speechwriting business. I’m delighted to see this. If the entire world is filled with potential clients, why limit yourself to the companies in your hometown?

Essential: Update your website to include blurbs from international clients. Don’t have any international clients yet? Well, cite diverse forums, global topics, English-as-second-language executives.

Maybe you’ve written a speech about Brexit, or climate change, or multi-cultural workforces. Note this speechwriting experience. It all speaks to your broad worldview, and it increases your professional value.

(Yes, in case you’re wondering: Experienced international speechwriters earn higher rates.)

Japanese cover front

How line editing can improve your next speech

This week, I’m line editing a speech for a client I’ve worked with for years. The client wrote the first draft of the speech in-house and then sent it to me to polish. With some line editing, I was able to:

* Make the speech easier for the executive to deliver

* Make the speech easier for the audience to follow

* Make the speech more memorable

* Make the speech more tweetable

Agreed: It’s important for us as speechwriters to be strategic in our thinking. But it’s equally important to have sharp line editing skills.

Skilled line editing can make the difference between a mediocre delivery and a great delivery. It’s absolutely essential when we write for speakers who use English as a second language. Every syllable matters.

Are you allocating enough time to hone each sentence in your manuscript?


How To Write & Give A Speech: coming soon in Chinese

How to Write Give a Speech smallforhomepage

 The Chinese rights for How To Write & Give A Speech have been placed with ThinKingdom Media.

How To Write & Give A Speech was originally published in 1984 and has remained continuously in print (producing royalties) for more than three decades – a distinction in publishing and a testament to the commitment of publisher St Martin’s Press. As an author, I’m honored and grateful.

The Chinese edition will include both print and e-book.

Watch this space for publication dates and translation details.

Amazon: Joan Detz




How to build a freelance|writing|editing|consulting business

Maybe you do freelance speechwriting. Maybe you write annual reports. Maybe you offer editorial work. Maybe you provide consulting services.

The self-employed (read: “entrepreneurs”) need to pay as much attention to their marketing as to their services. You could be the best copyeditor east of the Mississippi, but if the people who hire copyeditors don’t know about your great freelance skills, you won’t have a business.

My advice for today:

Step #1 – Ask one client for a recommendation.

Step #2 – Thank said client.

Step #3 – Repeat process as often as you can in the coming months/years/decades.

How To Write & Give A Speech has been producing royalties – nonstop – for more than 31 years.  In the publishing world, that’s a very big deal. Few books mark their success by decades. What made it possible? Good recommendations from highly respected organizations.

Lesson made, I hope.

HowtoWrite&GiveaSpeech_200x300Japanese cover front

“Joan Detz has been a great asset to our team at Toyota over the years, providing excellent counsel for a number of our senior executives. Her books offer a wealth of insight and information and are also a fun read. We’re grateful for Joan’s contributions to our team and recommend her highly.”

Steven Curtis, Vice President, Corporate Communications at Toyota U.S.A.

Speechwriting is global … and so is speaker coaching

Too often I hear: “I love speechwriting – it’s the favorite part of my staff writing job – and I’d love to go freelance, but I don’t think I can run a speechwriting business from my small town.”

Or: “I wish I could become a speaking consultant – I love working with speakers – but I’m afraid my location would work against me.” (I heard this comment just last week from a PR staffer. I was puzzled because although he lives in semi-rural Pennsylvania, he’s still within 100 miles of Philadelphia – easy Amtrak access to the enormous client potential of NYC and DC, plus nonstop flights to Frankfurt, London, etc.)

Please re-think your situation.

Freelancing, coaching and consulting are not limited by geography. Work crosses borders. Location is not destiny. You can get there from here.

And if you can’t see a client in person (or if you don’t want to), you can work quite effectively via email, phone and Skype.

I do speechwriting, speaker coaching and media training for many global clients who I [almost] never see.  Although I work from a small town, I have a global attitude. And a global attitude is essential to freelance speechwriting/coaching.

“As a global speech coach, Joan Detz is simply the best. Unlike anyone else, she understands how to train English-as-second-language speakers. Our members from Asia to South America comment on Joan Detz’s ability to promptly identify their speaking strengths. She works quickly, yet is supremely sensitive – that’s why SIA has counted on her for years.” (Elizabeth M. Lucas, Executive Director & CEO, Soroptimist International)

stack of books

A Year of Performing at Your Best: Luis Vicente Garcia

I was pleased to appear on this radio program in 2015. My top-ranked session (as reviewed by listeners) was: 

How to Boost Your Career and Building Your Business Through Public Speaking, with Joan Detz and Luis Vicente Garcia

Please find 50 minutes to listen. You’ll learn a lot about public speaking from this interview. And you’ll save countless hours of mistakes.

From the blog of Luis Vicente Garcia:

As we come to the end of the year, I have to thank so many people who have made my radio show a success!

When we started to think about it, Winston and Jeff from the Voice America Radio Network helped me create many incredible parts, such as the banners, the links, setting up the page, coming up with the Bio and creating the show’s name and page. And it has been an amazing year. You can hear all of the shows on the Voice America Business Channel at Performing at Your Best: Mindset Evolution with Luis Vicente Garcia

Our first show was on June 2nd so as we close the year we have already done 32 shows. And the audio and technical people at VoiceAmerica have been incredible. Many thanks to all.

I have done several shows on my own and I have had the most amazing guests. I interviewed my dear friends Margaret Maclay and Joan Detz; I interviewed incredible authors as Bob Burg and business colleagues as Ramon Palmero, Abel Calvo, Margarita Pasos, Marc Kohler and Dr. Andreas Boettcher. All are great friends, and they have shared with us and the incredible listeners that week after week join us from several parts in the world, amazing tips, new business ideas and they always give us this new perspective that we need to have in order to succeed in this fast changing world.

It has an incredible year of new and wonderful experiences. And as my final post of the year in this blog I wanted to share my top-5 shows as reviewed by our listeners:

1. How to Boost Your Career and Building Your Business Through Public Speaking, with Joan Detz and Luis Vicente Garcia

2. Creating Magic in your Company

3. Conversations on Franchising with Abel Calvo and Luis Vicente Garcia

4. Grow by Empowering your Staff and Your TEAMs, with Tosin Ogunusi and Luis Vicente Garcia

5. Communication and Motivation – key factors for Business Success, with Margaret Maclay and Luis Vicente Garcia

All of the shows and interviews were incredible. Thank you so much to my incredible guests; and most of all thank you to the VoiceAmerica TEAM who have been so wonderful through out the year and to the listeners who are the ones that make this happen.

To all, my best wishes for a wonderful 2016 filled with joy, happiness, new opportunities and many learning experiences.

And have a wonderful and a very successful year!

Luis Vicente Garcia

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