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Charitable Contributions

Each year, instead of sending holiday gifts to my clients, I contribute to worthwhile charitable organizations in their honor. When you take advantage of any of my speechwriting services, you don’t just get great consulting. You’re helping a wide range of people in some very practical ways.

I like to be as creative as possible when making these donations.

View of the Japanese maple grove outside my office window.

For example:

  • A $1000 donation to Heifer Project International educated a community in food production
  • A $500 contribution to Lions Club International supported their eyeglass program.
  • $1000 bought a terrific collection of holiday films for a public library, bringing enjoyment to thousands of borrowers.
  • $1000 funded workbooks at a women’s shelter, allowing women to plan their ‘next steps’ to a safer life.
  • When I sold CAN YOU SAY A FEW WORDS? to St. Martin’s Press, I chose to contribute 50% of my advance royalties to libraries.
  • I especially enjoyed buying a collection of humorous books and movies for the children’s department of a hospital.  This gave the kids and their parents some much-needed entertainment during recuperation.
  • $500 allowed an elementary school library to purchase a new collection of books
  • Especially satisfying? Providing 3 months of food for a YMCA ‘moms and tots’ program in Finland
  • I support local, national and international environmental causes – and have personally planted 200+ seedings and saplings. Here’s the Japanese maple grove I planted.
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